Uninstall Comodo GeekBuddy Effortlessly (Removal Guide)

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Uninstall Comodo GeekBuddy Effortlessly (Removal Guide)

Postby Menethil » Mon Apr 11, 2016 9:49 am

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GeekBuddy is a remote support service developed by Comodo Security Solutions Inc. It claims to provide PC users with instant connections to remote, certified technicians for quick resolution of a wide array of problems, and typical services include malware diagnosis/removal, performance tune-ups, correction of system/driver errors, etc. Though GeekBuddy is not a malicious program, it is often bundled with other software and get installed without your knowledge. Even if you intentionally install GeekBuddy, you should also pay attention to the optional software it offers. Besides, GeekBuddy may trigger many issues, including security and privacy concerns. This post is about how to effectively uninstall GeekBuddy from your system. If you have no idea how to cast off GeekBuddy and especially its lingering remnants, choose either of the methods listed below, and perform the steps in the correct order.


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1. Install and run Max Uninstaller after closing GeekBuddy.
2. Select GeekBuddy in the list and click Run Analysis to proceed.
3. Click Complete Uninstall and then Yes in the pop-up dialog.
4. Follow the prompts to finish the uninstall, and then click Scan Leftovers.
5. Click Delete Leftovers and then Yes in the pop-up dialogue box.
6. After the deletion is finished, click OK in the dialog and exit Max Uninstaller.

Video Tutotrial - How To Uninstall GeekBuddy

See? Max Uninstaller may only take less one minute to help you get rid of GeekBuddy, without incurring any trouble.
It tackles your uninstall issues and saves your time greatly in just a few clicks. Give it a try and you will love it immediately.


Manual Removal Part 1: Uninstall GeekBuddy

Here is the conventional way of uninstalling GeekBuddy. If you prefer to accomplish the task by yourself, please follow the step-by-step removal guide shown below.

Step 1. shut down GeekBuddy

To achieve a clean and complete uninstall of GeekBuddy, you are supposed to kill all background processes associated with GeekBuddy first. Do the followings:

> Right click the taskbar at the bottom of screen and choose Task Manager option.
> Click GeekBuddy processes and click End Task to terminate them one by one.
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Step 2: uninstall GeekBuddy

If installed properly, program will appear in the list of installed programs located in Control Panel, and you can delete it there.

On Windows 7:
> Hit the Windows key and choose Control Panel option.
> Click Uninstall a program on the Control Panel window.
> Select GeekBuddy and click Change button.

On Windows 8:
> Right click Start menu and choose the Programs & Features.
> Scroll down to locate GeekBuddy and double click on it.

On Windows 10:
> Head to Start - All apps, and locate GeekBuddy in the installed programs.
> Right click GeekBuddy, select Uninstall, and click Change in the opened window.
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uninstall GeekBuddy via control panle.png
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Then follow the GeekBuddy uninstall prompts:

> Click Next in the pop-up GeekBuddy Install Wizard to start.
GeekBuddy uninstall prompts (1).png
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> Click Remove and then Next to continue the uninstallation.
GeekBuddy uninstall prompts (2).png
GeekBuddy uninstall prompts (2).png (44.66 KiB) Viewed 2795 times

> Click Remove again after choosing one of the uninstall reasons.
GeekBuddy uninstall prompts (3).png
GeekBuddy uninstall prompts (3).png (129.92 KiB) Viewed 2795 times

> Click Finish to exit the wizard, and reboot your PC if necessary.
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If GeekBuddy does not appear in the list of installed programs, here are other ways worthy a shot.

The first is to check if it has a built-in uninstaller. You need to right click GeekBuddy shortcut, choose Open file location and run unins000.exe (or uninstall.exe) in the opened window.
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The second way is to re-run GeekBuddy install package to bring up the Install Wizard, and then to choose Remove option to begin the uninstallation.

If GeekBuddy has been damaged and cannot be uninstalled normally, you can reinstall GeekBuddy to cover corrupted/missing files first, and then uninstall it in Safe Mode.

To enter into Safe Mode, do the followings:

> Access the Run dialogue by pressing the Windows + R keys
> Type "msconfig" in the box and click on OK.
> Click the Boot tab in the System Configuration interface.
> Check the "Safe boot" box and click on OK.
> Click Restart in the pop-up dialog box to take effect.

Manual Removal Part 2: Delete Leftovers

What upsets most users might be the residuals left behind after GeekBuddy has been successfully uninstalled from Control Panel. Once installed, GeekBuddy will create preference settings, cache files, temporary folders on your system. The longer you use this program, the more associated components it may generate.
Thereby, to totally get rid of GeekBuddy, you'd better perform the next two necessary steps below:

Step 3: delete leftovers in registry

> (Right) click on the Start icon and then click on Search in the list.
> Type "regedit" in the box and press Enter key to activate Registry Editor.
> Click Find on the Edit menu in the Registry Editor.
> Type the keyword(s) of target program or its vendor's name in the search box.
> Enter Find Next (and then hit F3) to locate and delete related keys or values.
GeekBuddy leftovers (2).png
GeekBuddy leftovers (2).png (18.13 KiB) Viewed 2795 times

Notice: Be very careful when modifying Windows Registry, and use Registry Editor at your own risk. You are highly recommended to back up the registry before making any change there, cause any mis-operation may incur serious issues. For those novice users, our advice is to utilize a professional and reliable tool to clean your registry.

How to back up registry: click File - Export in the Registry Editor menu > choose the desired directory to save the backup file in > type in the desire name for backup file and click Save > close the registry by choosing Exit in the File menu.

How to restore registry: click File - Import in the Registry Editor > select the location where you save the backup copy to > select the backup file and then click Open.

Step 4: delete leftovers in disk

> Click on Start > Control Panel > Folder Options, and then click the View tab.
> Tick Show hidden files and folders and uncheck Hide protected operating system files (recommended) in the Advanced settings.
> Click Apply and then OK in pop-up dialog boxes to save the changes.
> Open up My Computer and then type GeekBuddy in the Search Bar.
> Go through and delete the matched items one by one in the search results.
GeekBuddy leftovers (1).png
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That’s the end. After performing all these steps you should have removed GeekBuddy completely from your computer.
If you experience any issue or have any doubt in uninstalling GeekBuddy, leave your comment here, or contact us for assistance. For more PUP removal guides, welcome to visit our official blog.


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