How to Completely Uninstall Panda Antivirus Pro 2015?


Since I discovered that so many people have difficulty in dealing with Panda Antivirus Pro 2015, I have decided to work out a comprehensive tutorial for users to read, and here it is. As you may know, the uninstall process could be different depending on your PC’s operating system. But they are not that different to recite, and all you need is to do it right.

It happens a lot that you think you have finished the whole removal, but rebooted your PC only to find out it still appeared on the system tray. No exception every time. So what’s the problem exactly?

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How Do I Remove Swagbucks Toolbar?


The Swagbucks Toolbar is developed to grant users easy access to parts of the its website, in which way it can earn one Swag Buck each day. That’s why it “kindly” adds another search engine to your browser after it is automatically installed on your PC via certain freeware suites. The next time you open your browser, you find out the homepage has been replaced.

That’s how it collects precious information from your surfing behaviors. When you enter query terms with its search engine, it will not only acquire your search terms, but also display advertisements, sponsored links and coupons in the results. Just imagine how dangerous it is when you have to enter your ID and password.

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Remove StartNow Toolbar without Any Bother


StartNow is like other potential unwanted programs (refer to “PUP”) that can get onto your system via some freeware you downloaded from insecure websites. It will offer a toolbar to hijack your browser homepage (set it to and replace your default search engine (with

Then during every day you’re surfing with it, you see the extra add-on on your browser that makes it look a little bit littery. That’s just about the appearance. Think deeply – why there are other links and advertisements in your search result after you enter a query term into the box? Because they are sponsored.

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Everybody Can Easily Remove SimplyGen Toolbar


SimplyGen Toolbar is a browser add-on, which seems to be quite a normal assistant software trying to offering its help. However, there are many network security experts having included it to the category of browser hijackers. If you’re suffering from it, you would know part of the reasons.

Infected by a PUP or malfare, almost every user faced the same case: the program somehow got into the system without their consent or notice. The truth is that it often prevails through being bundled with another freeware you downloaded from some unsafe website, then during the installation, it presents the options whether to install them together, while most users are not paying any attention.

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Remove MapsGalaxy Toolbar – Uninstall Tutorial


When using a computer to surf the Internet, users expect to find what they need in the search result instead of being decided what they will see. Yet many toolbar developers won’t waste such a chance to make you see their promoting information.

For example, after the MapsGalaxy Toolbar has been successfully installed on your PC, it will add another search engine in the most conspicuous place of your web browser; and if you use it for search, you will see its advertisements and sponsor links in your search result. At the meantime, your queries terms could be collected to seek directions for promotion, as in the use of blackhat SEO to inflate a site’s page ranking in search results.

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How to Uninstall shARES Toolbar from Windows


Did the shARES Toolbar sneak into your system without asking for your consent? If so, your browser settings must have been changed. Most users don’t know exactly how to change them back while suffering from such a problem. Reading this post will help you out of the dilemma.

The toolbar will forcibly adds another search engine to your web browsers after installation, which you might not notice, until someday you realize every time you open your browser, it’s not the original homepage presented.

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Uninstall Kiwee Toolbar – Removal Instruction


Kiwee Toolbar is a browser-based plug-in owned by American Greetings. Once installed on Microsoft Windows operating systems, this program might not be easily uninstalled through regular means. So there are quite a number of questions posted in kinds of Internet forums seeking help to remove it.

To completely achieve that, users need to manually delete directories, unlock files, terminate processes, unregistering DLL files and deleting registry keys. However those developers often make it difficult to get rid of their products, which means those applications are actually potentially unwanted programs this way. Some users may even consider them as viruses.

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Three Minutes to Uninstall avast! Email Server Security


For the fact that there are many users struggling to uninstall avast! Email Server Security, I earnestly wrote this article in hope of teaching them how to correctly do it.

It happens a lot that people get frustrated and give up after they have try to remove a program for times but ended up with failure, especially those who don’t have so much patience. What can I say? Time is a really precious resource that shall be spent on something worth more, computer maintenance is necessary though.

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How to Uninstall avast! File Server Security – Removal Guide


avast! File Server Security is a program designed for helping users manage their computers and deal with the troubles on Windows system. This kind of software does take much space on your PC, leave long other related products it installed through the package.

In fact as long as you have an antivirus software installed or just the Windows Firewall, and make the full use of it, you might not need another assistant program to teach you how to better manage your PC. Because once you let it get onto your hard drive, you will keep receiving annoying update prompts or push messages, or even open the gate for other bundled applications to consume your system resources.

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How to Remove Avira Internet Security Plus with Ease


This is a program package signed for Windows users to protect and manage their computers. It contains two programs (Avira Internet Security and Avira System Speedup, see the images below) and is indeed a nice helper this way, but when someday for some reason you don’t want it anymore and want to delete it, you may find that antivirus developers like to play tricks on users, such as put the default uninstaller of their products in somewhere you won’t see. Read more

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