Can’t Uninstall uTorrent? How to Uninstall uTorrent Completely From Your Computer

uTorrent is a point to point file-sharing BitTorrent client designed for Windows platform, this client offers features including bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading, Mainline DHT etc. uTorrent also claims to have small memory footprint. But from the users’ reviews, the memory footprint is not that small as it advertised, when you downloading things using uTorrent, everything associated with the internet got freeze. On the other hand, distributing & downloading copyrighted material without authorization with P2P and file-sharing program is prohibited and illegal in US as well as many other countries. If you no longer use this program, it is recommended to uninstall it from your system, see the below detail instruction of how to uninstall uTorrent completely.

How to uninstall uTorrent manually

As uTorrent does not provide uninstall option in the Windows All Program menu, you need to uninstall uTorrent from the Add/Remove program. But first, do make sure the program is closed and not running in the background. You can open Windows Task Manager by pressing “Alt + Ctrl + Del, click the Process tab, if you found uTorrent.exe in the list, select it and click End Task, see the below screenshot.

Uninstall uTorrent from Add/Remove program

  • Click the Start menu button on the bottom-left of your Screen
  • Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove program (For Windows 7/Vista users, click Programs and Features link under Program category.)
  • Locate and select uTorrent in the coming up program list, click Remove/Uninstall button.

  • Follow the prompt to uninstall uTorrent
  • Reboot your computer

Delete uTorrent registry leftovers

  • Click on Start > Run > Type “regedit” > click OK
  • Once you open registry editor, click File > Export to make a backup first before the deletion.
  • After you successfully back up the registry, locate the below registry keys

  • Right click on them and select delete
  • Reboot your system once more.

Note: editing registry can be dangerous, in order avoid unnecessary troubles, please confirm twice about the registry keys you are about to delete, and do remember to backup the registry first before any operation.

Uninstall uTorrent automatically with Max Uninstaller

The Problem: Uninstalling uTorrent can be tricky sometimes, ifuTorrent was not properly installed, it will not be listed in the Add/Remove program, users would find no where to remove uTorrent but have to delete the installation folder directly, however, this won’t bring you any help, even you delete the folder, uTorrent will still show up when you open .Torrent extension files

Solution: Unable to get uTorrent off your system completely? Well, to deal with such stubborn and tricky program, you need a special designed software uninstaller such as Max Uninstaller to help you remove every single track in your computer. Simply watch the below demon video and follow the given instruction to uninstall uTorrent easily and thoroughly:

Uninstall  uTorrent with Max Uninstaller – Video demonstration

Step1: Click here to free download Max Uninstaller, and then install it in your computer.
Step2: Launch Max Uninstaller, select  uTorrent in  the right hand list. Press “Run Analysis

Step3: Max Uninstaller will review uninstall program files and associated registry entries. Click “Complete Uninstall” to start the program uninstall process. Click “Yes” to start uninstalling uTorrent.

Step4: Wait for the standard uTorrent uninstall completed. Click “Scan Leftovers”, and Max Uninstaller will conduct a full scan on your computer for a while.

Step5: When it finish scanning, click “Delete Leftovers” and “Yes” button to thoroughly uninstall uTorrent and its leftovers.

Step6: Max Uninstaller has now fully uninstalled uTorrent related files and extensions. Click “OK” to finish.

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