How to Uninstall RealPlayer – Howto Guide


RealPlayer is a media player developed by RealNetworks, it allows user to download and play recorded media, it supports a wide range of media formats. In its latest version 16, RealPlayer remains its redesign but changes a couple features for a better user experience. Though RealPlayer is claimed as a freeware, while using the free version, you will be frequently directed to official website to purchase upgrade version of Real Player Plus. If you are not satisfy with it and want to uninstall RealPlayer from your computer.

Uninstall RealPlayer manually

RealPlayer is easy to be installed, yet uninstall is another different story, most of the people would think that using Add/Remove program to uninstall RealPlayer, that’s not wrong, but they are only half way to right. Add/Remove program will only uninstall part of the program, there are quite a number of files and registry entries left in the system after the removal, these leftover will remain in your computer forever unless you find them out and delete them. To completely uninstall RealPlayer, make sure to complete below four steps:

Step 1: Close RealPlayer program before the removal.

Step 2: Uninstall RealPlayer from Add/Remove program

  • Click Windows Start button at the left corner of the screen.

  • Click Control Panel, and then open Add/Remove program.

  • Locate RealPlayer in the Add/Remove program list and click Remove button.


  • In the pop-up uninstall wizard, check the two option of ‘My Library’ and ‘Favorites’, click OK to continue.


  • The wizard will again inform you ‘are you sure to remove the selected items?’, click Yes to confirm.


  • Within approximately 1 minute, the program will be removed successfully and you will see this message pops up.


  • Close the pop-up website


Step 3: Delete leftover folders

  • Open My Computer from Start menu.

  • Navigate to the drive you installed RealPlayer. (The default install location is C:\Program Files)

  • Find out the folder named “Real”.


  • Delete this folder (right click on the folder and click Delete in the appeared menu)

  • Back to the desktop and empty Windows Recycle Bin

Step 4: Remove registry leftovers

  • In the Start menu, click Run option.

  • Type in ‘regedit’ in the run box and press Enter to open registry editor.

  • Click the file menu, go to export, follow the instruction to create a registry backup.

  • Click the ‘+’ sign to navigate the registry branch tree.

  • Go to the location of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\

  • Delete the folder of ‘RealNetworks’.


  • Go to the location of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\


  • Delete the folder named ‘RealNetworks’.

  • Reboot your computer to allow new changes take effect.

Recommended solution: Uninstall RealPlayer with Max Uninstaller

If you want a safer and easier uninstall solution save your time and energy, Max Uninstaller will do the trick for you. Max Uninstaller is a professional uninstaller program which design to help computer user uninstall different kind of Windows applications/software/games completely and automatically, if you feel like the manual solution is a bit complicated, why not try out Max Uninstaller.


Check out video demonstration of how Max Uninstaller works

Steps to use MU to uninstall RealPlayer

  • Download Max Uninstaller here and install it in the  computer

  • Open Max Uninstaller, select RealPlayer in the interface, click ‘Run Analysis’button.

  • Click ‘Complete Uninstall’ button after all the components of RealPlayer are scanned out

  • Click ‘Scan Leftovers’ button to conduct a full scan on your computer for program leftover.

  • Click ‘Delete Leftovers’ after the scan, Max Uninstaller will delete allleftovers it found.

  • Click OK button in the pop-up message to end the process.

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