Uninstall Avast – How to Force Uninstall Avast Internet Security 6 Completely?

Avast Internet  Security

Avast Internet Security is complete anti-virus package and is free for registered users. Normally, there are three types of software are offered with the Avast program: Free Antivirus, Pro Antivirus and Internet Security. The Avast Internet Security suite includes security components that all security suites ought to include, such as a firewall, spam filters, a game mode, safe browsing, privacy protection and file sharing protection. However, for any reasons you might try to uninstall Avast Internet Security on your PC. Users should be able to uninstall Avast programs easily, but some may find trouble when trying to uninstall it and we believe that you are the one who cannot uninstall Avast and clean all of the leftover of it.

How to Uninstall Avast Internet Security 6 Manually?

In fact I don’t want to talk about this method any more. Because Windows Add/Remove Programs cannot uninstall Avast completely. It just be able to remove the main executable file but would absolutely left lots of invalid or corrupt Windows registry entries on your PC. The rubbish will slow down your computer performance and sometimes even freeze and crash the PC system. Whatever, let’s go on to learn how to uninstall Avast Internet Security with Windows Add/Remove Programs firstly.

1. Click Start button, > Control Panel.
2. Click on Add/Remove Programs
3. Select Avast Internet Security displayed on the program list.
4. Click Remove to uninstall it.

5.  Make the “Uninstall” selection and follow the wizard to finish the uninstall. uninstall Avast Internet Security

Note: The Avast Internet Security does not have the build-in uninstaller so that you can not uninstall it from the “Start” program list but only on the Add/Remove Programs list. This is the only way to uninstall it manually.

Everything has been done yet? Of course not! I mentioned before that the Windows Add/Remove Programs is not able to clean the leftover and related folders effectively. You should delete all of the registry entries which remain on the PC. (Download Max Uninstaller to help you resolve such problems)

One: Find out and manually delete the directories in C:\\ disk as listed,

C:Program FilesAlwil Software.

Two: Manually delete the related registry keys as listed below by opening up the Registry Editor( type in ” regedit” after select “Run” in the Start menu) and expand the list under HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware:


Warning: If you are not a PC expert, please do not edit/delete any registry entries and registry keys yourself. It is high risky behavior to your PC system.

How to Automatically Uninstall Avast Internet Security Completely?

You don’t need to worry about the problem from now on. Max Uninstaller is a kind of powerful uninstall utilities which will safely and easily uninstall Windows programs without any leftovers and traces. Just a few of clicks, you will find that Avast Internet Security will has been removed from your PC perfectly. You will receive a detail report of it and all of the registry info which Max Uninstaller is about to delete. Furthermore, you also can uninstall any other applications with Max Uninstaller very quickly.

Step by Step to Uninstall Avast Internet Security with Max Uninstaller

Please Follow Steps as Below


1.  Download Max Uninstaller instantly, install it on your computer.
2. Select Avast Internet Security and Click “Run Analysis”

3. Click ” Complete Uninstall” after the registry report scanning out.

4: Wait for the standard uninstall completed. Click “Scan Leftovers”, and Max Uninstaller will conduct a full scan on your computer for program leftover.

5. Click “Delete” to fully remove all of the components and registry entries of Avast Internet Security.

6. Congratulations! The Avast program has been removed from your PC successfully. Please restart your system.

What’s forcibly uninstall? Why forcibly uninstall is needed on the program uninstallation?

There are usually some files contain in the install folder after you uninstalling the program from your computer, and even though you go to remove them manually, the removing process will be stopped and pop up a warning that this file cannot be removed from the computer. as for this kind of stubborn leftovers, the only way is to forcibly uninstall them from the computer.

Therefore, forcibly uninstallation can be regarded as a removal that can help computer users to delete any kind of file and application which cannot be remove in the normal or manual way, it can utilize the force deletion order to remove them completely. When the manual deletion does not work for these stubborn files, are there any other way can help you clean out them from your computer? The most effective and available way will be an uninstall tool that can enable computer users to remove any file you cannot clean manually from the computer completely. With its genuine design and technology, people can remove all of related components in a time, and won’t be worry about those stubborn files on the computer anymore.

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