Uninstall Hotspot Shield – How to Remove Hotspot Shield Thoroughly on PC

Hotspot Shield is a freeware that aiming at providing the free VPN (virtual private network) for computer users, as for some reasons, people may need to temporarily hide their actual IP address for their privacy online, and this powerful program just can offer this service and protect themselves from various snoopers from different websites.

Problem of the incomplete uninstallation

When people try to uninstall Hotspot Shield from their computers, the most common problem most the computer users will encounter is the incomplete removal, although they have conducted and finished the removing job, when they start their computers again, they still can see the related banners display everywhere on all their browsers like Firefox and Chrome; and those associated files and registries also can be found on the computer system….

Proper solutions for the Hotspot Shield Removal

One: uninstall with its own uninstall process

Step one: Click on “Start”- “Hotspot Shield” – “Uninstall Hotspot Shield”

Step two: Manually search out and remove all of leftovers completely

Many third party programs in nowadays have their own uninstalling progress, even so, most of them cannot effectively uninstall their programs completely, and Hotspot Shield is just such a case.

Or uninstall with Add/Remove Programs

This is the most common way people will choose to remove the program they don’t need from their computers, but actually, even though the program name disappear from the Add/Remove programs list after performing the removing process, its related components do not disappear from your computer.

Step one: Click on “Start” – “Control Panel” – “Add/Remove programs”

Step two: Highlight “Hotspot Shield” on the program list, and “Remove”

Importance: Usually, people would like to use one of the above two ways to get rid of the program from their computers, but the situation often results in many related files still leaving on the computer system, people also can find the program everywhere on their computers especially in the various web browsers; moreover, when you go to have a look about your Registry Editor, many Hotspot Shield related registry entries are still here.

Therefore, to totally get rid of Hotspot Shield from your computer, besides performing one of the two removing way, it is also required to manually check and clean all of the related leftovers which including files, toolbars in web browser and registry, and if you are just a fresh computer user with limited knowledge and skill about this, it will be another problem for you.

Faster and easier removal – Max Uninstaller

Comparing to the normal uninstalling process, a third party uninstall tool has more advantages in effectively removing a computer from computer, and as a reputable uninstall tool available on the market, Max Uninstaller is certainly a good choice for many computer users, for that it always can help the people to quickly but also thoroughly to uninstall the program they need to remove from their computers. When the Hotspot Shield removal become a very annoying job for you, you may can have Max Uninstaller on your computer for a try.

Steps to uninstall Hotspot Shield with Max Uninstaller:
Step one: download and install Max Uninstaller on the computer
Step two: open Max Uninstaller and select Hotspot Shield on the interface, click “Run Analysis”

Step three: make sure all the related file it detected are selected, and click “Complete Uninstall”

Step four: following the guides to delete all the Hotspot Shield associated files and regsitries

Step five: scan and remove the leftovers

Step six: complete the Hotspot Shield removing process.

A reliable and powerful uninstall tool will do three things below:

  • Remove the unwanted programs.
  • Scan your hard drives to find out any related files and delete these files.
  • Scan your registry to find out any related files and delete these files.

As you can see, uninstalling Hotspot Shield with a reliable uninstall tool is quite simple.
Max Uninstaller is a reliable and powerful uninstall tool, which will help you to uninstall Hotspot Shield quickly and completely. Moreover, it can remove those trashes and enable you to reinstall the program successfully. Max Uninstaller is also an award-winning tool, and it performs perfectly in our tests. You can download this professional uninstall tool freely and use it to uninstall any unwanted programs instantly!

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