Max Uninstaller 2021

Uninstall Any Unwanted Program Out of The Box

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What is Max Uninstaller?

Max Uninstaller is the industry-leading Windows uninstaller, facilitated by highly engineered uninstall engine to effectively and thoroughly uninstall any program that standard Windows Add/Remove Programs can't remove. In addition, Max Uninstaller technicians will resolve any of your submitted program uninstall requests, in case Max Uninstaller couldn't remove the program completely or fix the corrupt program uninstall/install errors effectively.

4 Features

Full package to help you remove anything

Display Hidden Program

Max Uninstaller is able to find out every program installed in your computer, even the program is corrupted, incomplete, or does not show up in Add/Remove program.

Perform Complete Removal

Max Uninstaller uninstalls anything you want completely, it removes all files, folders, and registry entries/keys that associated with the target program once for all.

Remove Stubborn Toolbar

Max Uninstaller provides effective solutions that helps removing various annoying toolbars that does not display in Add/Remove program or hard to be uninstalled.

Convenient Uninstall Process

Unlike normal tedious uninstall procedures, users only needs a few clicks and Max Uninstaller will finish uninstalling any program they want automatically.

3 Simple Steps

Uninstalling program has never been so easy

Select target program

Just open Max Uninstaller, and you will find every thing that installed in your computer is listed out in the interface even program that was installed incompletely or corrupted. You can easily locate the program that you want to remove in the straightforward interface. Click the target program and move to the second step.

Scan for program components

Click Run Analysis button. Max Uninstaller applies unique search engine, it is able to analyze the target program to remove and find out all components including installation folder, program files, associated registry entries, keys, setup file, etc. The Analysis process will be finished in just a few seconds.

Perform complete uninstall

Simply click the ‘Complete Uninstall’ button, Max Uninstaller will then perform regular uninstall to remove all scanned out components automatically. It guarantees the target program is removed from your computer completely.

2 Options

Flexible removal options for different situations

Standard Uninstall

Standard Removal works for most of the Windows applications that was correctly installed in the computer. Max Uninstaller will first activate the default uninstaller of the target program, after the default removal process finished, it will continue scanning over the whole Windows system (including hard drive and registry) for program leftovers, and you will be able to delete them all by one click.

Custom Uninstall

Max Uninstaller provides another uninstall option - Custom Removal for those programs/applications that does not appear in the program list. All you need to do is open the Custom Uninstall Wizard, enter the install directory of the program you want to remove in Max Uninstaller, click Scan button, and it will scan and remove the program completely with the information you specified.

1 Easy Interface

Ease of use for every computer user

Max Uninstaller team has always been dedicated to provide the most convenient solutions for computer users to uninstall any type of Windows application/program easily, so Max Uninstaller is designed with straightforward interface, it is easy to be installed and uninstalled, and there is detailed instructions in the upper left that guide you through every step of the removal process, even computer novice can pick up this program within a minute.

Max Uninstaller updates record

  • Minor fix: version added Air Display, Garmin Express
  • and AnyTime Organizer Deluxe uninstall fix
  • Minor fix: version added Malwarebytes fix
  • Minor fix: version 2014 3.0 improved IE 9 fix
  • Minor fix: version 2014 2.3 added QuickTime fix
  • Minor fix: version 2013 1.2 added Norton fix

Customer Testimonials

“ Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect your program would work to help me remove the broken AVG antivirus on my computer since I had tried out several so call professional uninstallers and no one works, but the fact is, it get the job done nicely!! I was truly amazed by the way Max Uninstaller perform the removal, so easy and simple. Thanks to you guys for developing such a nice tool, here is a big thumb up from me!

- Mark Lerma, NY, US

Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, both 32- bit and 64-bit. Max Uninstaller will only uninstall the unneeded programs on your computer and it will not infect any functions on The unregistered version allows users to scan out all hidden components of the target program. You can choose our USD $44.95 $29.95 one year subscription to uninstall all the leftover registry entries, program drivers and fix install/uninstall errors thoroughly. Max Uninstaller is the best assistant for you to completely uninstall all stubborn unwanted programs that are failed to be removed with the Add/Remove applet.