MacRemover Review: The Go-to Mac Uninstaller with Best Compatibility

Have you been searching for solutions to completely get rid of the applications on your Mac machine because Move-to-Trash or Drag-To-Trash does not thoroughly remove all the related files? Can't install, update or upgrade your Mac applications due to incomplete removal of previous versions? Is your Mac machine running slowly because unwanted applications are actively consuming your hardware resources, such as automatically launching in the menu bar at startup, taking up your valuable disk space, and you don't know how to remove them? You found some tools to remove the applications, but they can't run on your older Mac? This is where MacRemover comes in handy. It is a lightweight but powerful Mac app uninstaller built for thorough app removal. In this review, we'll test these applications in our iMac to see if it does a good job of removing apps.

Testing #1: Uninstall Alfred with MacRemover 2024

Alfred is an efficiency tool designed for the Mac operating system that significantly improves productivity by helping users quickly access applications, files, web searches, and more with powerful features such as keyboard shortcuts, keywords, clipboard management, etc. Alfred is available in both a free version and a paid Powerpack version, with the Powerpack version offering more advanced features such as Clipboard history and workflow, etc. Alfred is highly popular among Mac users for its efficient features and good user experience. Alfred's customizable workflows, which are part of Powerpack's paid features, allow users to create complex automated tasks through a drag-and-drop interface. Workflows can contain triggers, actions, and outputs that can be used to perform a variety of tasks, such as quickly opening project files, sending emails, searching databases, and more. When creating workflows, you may need to write scripts or use configuration files such as JSON, depending on the complexity of the functionality you want to implement.There are many workflow examples shared by users on the Alfred community and forums that can be used as a source of reference and inspiration.

Testing result: MacRemover 2024 is able to completely remove all the files and entries of the Alfred app.

Testing #2: Uninstall QLab Pro with MacRemover 2024

QLab Pro is professional software for live performance control, developed by Figure 53. It is widely used in theater, music, opera, dance, multimedia performances and other live events to control audio, video and lighting playback. QLab Pro offers power and flexibility, allowing users to create complex performance sequences that trigger audio playback, video playback, lighting changes, mechanical control, and more. It supports MIDI, OSC and other protocols for seamless integration with other software and hardware. QLab Pro's user interface is intuitive and easy to use, and it also offers a wealth of programming and control options to meet the needs of professional users. Its stability and reliability have made it one of the industry standards for live performance control. It is important to note that QLab Pro is the professional version of QLab software, while QLab is also available in a free version (QLab 4) that provides basic show control functionality.QLab Pro is capable of linking with other live equipment.QLab Pro supports a wide range of protocols and interfaces, allowing it to communicate and integrate with a wide range of live equipment. Through these interfaces and protocols, QLab Pro can be linked with a variety of devices in a live performance, including but not limited to audio playback devices, video projectors, lighting consoles, automated machinery, stage management systems, and more. This flexibility and compatibility makes QLab Pro one of the most important tools for live performance technicians.

Testing result: MacRemover 2024 is able to completely remove all the files and entries of the QLab Pro app.

Testing #3: Uninstall Yate with MacRemover 2024

Yate, known as Yate Client, is an open source VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) softphone client based on the Qt framework. It supports a variety of VoIP protocols , including SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and IAX (Inter-Asterisk eXchange) , allowing users to make voice and video calls over the Internet . Yate Client is part of the Yate project , Yate project also includes Yate Yate Client is part of the Yate Project, which also includes Yate Messenger (an instant messaging and presence client) and Yate Communication Server (an open source VoIP server). Yate Communication Server is a modular softswitch system that can be used to build enterprise-class communication solutions, including VoIP gateways, PBX (Private Branch Exchange), IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, and more.

Testing result: MacRemover 2024 is able to completely remove all the files and entries of the Yate app.

Testing #4: Uninstall Piezo with MacRemover 2024

Piezo is an audio recording software designed for macOS and loved by users for its simplicity and ease of use.Piezo is popular among users for its small size, simplicity and ease of use.Piezo allows users to capture audio from any application that plays on the Mac, which means that it is possible to record audio output from a wide variety of applications, including web browsers, Skype calls, streaming music services, and more. In addition, Piezo supports recording audio signals from the computer's microphone, making it a versatile audio recording tool.Piezo allows users to capture audio from any application that is playing audio. Before recording, make sure that the correct application or audio input device is selected as the audio source in Piezo's menu.Piezo allows users to create presets for different recording tasks. For example, you can create different presets for Skype calls, music playback, or web streaming, so you can quickly select the desired settings to start recording. If you need to start or stop recording at a specific time, you can use Piezo's timed recording feature. Set the start and end times, and Piezo automatically starts and stops recording at the specified times. Although Piezo's output is usually in MP3 format, you can adjust the audio quality in the settings. Choose the appropriate bit rate for the type of audio you need to record and for your purpose.

Testing result: MacRemover 2024 is able to completely remove all the files and entries of the Piezo app.

Testing #5: Uninstall Cockos Reaper with MacRemover 2024

Cockos Reaper is a powerful multi-track audio production software developed by Cockos. It provides professional audio recording, editing, mixing, and production features for music production, post-production, broadcasting, and sound design in a variety of fields. Cockos Reaper is a powerful audio editing and production tool that supports Windows, macOS and Linux platforms. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for multi-track audio and MIDI recording, processing, mixing, editing, and mastering.REAPER is especially suited for professional music production, but it is also suitable for a variety of other audio production needs, such as broadcasting, sound design, game development, and more. In addition, REAPER offers efficient media management features that enable users to easily organize, collect, and edit resource lists for their projects. It is suitable for a wide range of environments, from commercial and home studios to education and scientific research, and offers a free 60-day evaluation period so that users can fully experience its features. It supports a wide range of audio formats and many plug-in types, including VST, VST3, AU, DX, etc. Cockos Reaper software is compact in size and has low system resource requirements, but extremely high processing speed and efficiency. Cockos Reaper is favored by many professionals and enthusiasts because of its cost-effective and professional features. It has a simple and intuitive interface for beginners, as well as sophisticated features and depth to meet the needs of professional users. In addition, Cockos Reaper has an active user community with a large number of tutorials and third-party plug-ins, which further extends the software's functionality and range of applications. Cockos Reaper supports many types of audio inputs, and can be used with a wide range of audio interfaces and devices. Cockos Reaper's flexibility and wide range of hardware support have made it the tool of choice for many professional audio engineers and music producers. Cockos Reaper's flexibility and extensive hardware support make it the tool of choice for many professional audio engineers and music producers. When using Cockos Reaper for audio recording, it is recommended to choose the right type of audio input for your specific needs and available hardware, and to make sure that your audio device drivers are up-to-date for the best recording quality.

Testing result: MacRemover 2024 is able to completely remove all the files and entries of the Cockos Reaper app.

Testing #6: Uninstall iMediaCut with MacRemover 2024

iMediaCut is a video editing tool for Mac OS. iMediaCut allows users to crop video, extract audio from video, splice multiple video clips, adjust video playback speed, crop specific areas of video, and convert video to GIF format. iMediaCut also provides audio editing features such as sound reduction, noise reduction, and speed adjustment. In addition to video editing, iMediaCut also offers audio cropping, splicing, mixing, muting, noise reduction, and speed control. iMediaCut's user interface is designed to be simple and intuitive, making it easy for even inexperienced video editors to get started. The software supports Apple Silicon M and Intel chip Mac devices and is compatible with macOS 10.15 or later. iMediaCut is available as a free download from the Mac App Store, but some of the advanced features need to be unlocked through in-app purchases. iMediaCut is a powerful and easy-to-use video and audio editing tool that is perfect for Mac users to perform quick and easy video editing tasks.

Testing result: MacRemover 2024 is able to completely remove all the files and entries of the iMediaCut app.

In Conclusion

MacRemover has proven to be a very capable app removal tool that you can use to completely get rid of any unwanted app on Mac with ease. It is the go-to Mac app removal tool with the best compability and runs very well on our test iMac as well as other machines in our lab. Plus, the one-time price is the most cost-effective option you can find, and you get free updates, free upgrades, and free technical support.